Take Control of Your Weight and Wellbeing During This Important Phase Of Your Life
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You'll Walk Away With
  •   A clear understanding of how to support your symptoms with natural superfoods
  •  Knowing what and how to eat for an optimal metabolic hormone control  ideal for women in menopause
  •  An understanding how to support your gut during this particular phase in life and how your gut influences your energy level, your health, and yes.. also your weight
  •  A great awareness of what anti-inflammatory foods to eat to help you reduce excess belly fat caused by menopause 
  •  Knowing which supplements to take throughout menopause to support your body during this amazing phase in your life
  •  Simple eating principles to control your hunger hormones so you can lose weight without feeling starved
  •  Which lab tests to take to gain insight into your hormones that might be causing your symptoms
The science-based and gut-friendly way 
to control your weight and hormones during menopause.
As Seen On
"A year after going through Manuel's program, I'm living in a different state and I still benefit from Manuel's expertise, support, and tools. I learned more from Manuel than from any other nutritionist. EVER. If you've tried other programs and haven't achieved success, Manuel will teach you and help you see yourself in a new light. If you've never tried anything, Manuel is the person to go to. You'll feel supportive, loved even, and you'll have the greatest opportunity for success right from the start."
"Impending menopause (I’m 52 and am somewhere between pre and peri-menopausal) is one of the primary reasons I decided to work with Manuel to lose weight. I knew intuitively and from observing women on their journeys through menopause that losing weight AFTER menopause was a lot harder. I also sensed and believe strongly that being lighter and leaner would reduce both the load on my frame and the inflammatory conditions I live with which in turn would contribute to vibrant, healthy aging. I’m happy to say that after losing 15 lbs in a sustainable way with Manuel’s sage counseling that I am aging backward, feeling significantly less pain and have renewed energy. Best part is that 9+ pounds of that came from fatty tissue around my now-sleeker waistline! I strongly recommend Manuel to anyone who is looking to super-charge their health and longevity!"
"I'm in menopause and my metabolism has slowed. Very frustrating. I decided to see Manuel and evaluate what's going on with me. I shockingly lost 5lbs in 5 days. Just weighed myself 6 days out and I've lost 6lbs. I'm realistic and know that the weight loss will slow and it will be harder as I get close to my weight goal, but I am committed to following what he says because it works. He's smart and knows what he's doing."
Course Description
Session #1: Th Impact of Menopause on Your Health and The Tests You Should Consider
  •   We will talk about the impact of menopause on your body systems and how to manage it better. You'll walk away with a clear understanding of how menopause influences inflammation and the health of your bones, heart, gut and metabolism.
  •   To give you better insight in your body's current health and to make sure your body (your physical temple) is properly cared for, we'll talk about specific lab tests to consider, in case you experience particular symptoms. By the end of this session, you'll know exactly which lab tests might be right for you. 
Session #2: The Science-Based Foundation of Healthy Nutrition
  •   You'll learn which foods are important to include in your diet to help you through menopause and to feel great afterwards. We will discuss anti-inflammatory foods, probiotics, prebiotics and other amazing foods to help you manage symptoms you may have.  
  •  We'll talk about specific eating principles to avoid hunger or overeating so you can feel at your best all day (and night) long.
Session #3: The Hormone-Balancing Food Plan 
  •   You'll discover the optimal meal plan for you, including your eating frequency, food composition and the distribution of macronutrients throughout the day. This will help you maximize your energy and help you control hunger and metabolic hormones which is critical to control your weight and improve your vitality.
Session #4: De-Stress To Weight Less
  •  You will understand the different kinds of stress and how stress releases cortisol, which can have damaging effects on your body.
  •  We will have a look at how to eat while under stress and how to reduce the effects of stress on your mood, sleep and overall health.
  •  You will learn several techniques to avoid stress eating by learning the diet-mood connection and the importance of eating frequency. 
Session #5: Lifestyle Choices To Support Your Journey Through Menopause
  •  You'll learn the most recent and new science behind the important lifestyle factors that can help you further reduce weight gained during menopause including hydration, sleep, and exercise.
Session #6: Supplements During Menopause
  •  We will take a deep dive on the important supplements to consider throughout menopause to ensure your body has all the vitamins and nutrient needs as it goes through this wonderful transition to keep you healthy and energized.
  •  Mindset & Success: How to adopt new habits successfully with a strong mindset
  •  Tools and resources to support your journey through menopause
Beta Program Starting on April 11, 2018
What You'll Get 
  •  6 Weekly Live Training Calls Based On Core Trainings AND Your Specific Questions
  •  45min 1-on-1 Coaching Call With Manuel
  •  Recordings Of All Training Calls
  •  Closed Facebook Group To Get Answers To All Your Questions
  • BONUS Sessions To Support Your Journey
  •  Worksheets And Many Additional Resources
Beta Program Starting on April 11, 2018
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